The Holy Ghost from A to Z

Podcast host Liz Kazandzhy is also the author of The Holy Ghost from A to Z: What the Spirit Can Do for You, which comes out in June 2022.

Pre-order it today for $8.99 at Cedar Fort or $12.99 on Amazon!

Want to know how the book can help you? Check out the quiz below!

The Holy Ghost from A to Z: What the Spirit Can Do for You

It’s time to “unwrap” the gift of the Holy Ghost!

The greatest blessing we have been given as Latter-day Saints is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. But this blessing is often forgotten or taken for granted.

From “bringing Abundance” to “increasing your Zeal,” The Holy Ghost from A to Z explores the many incredible facets of the Spirit–His roles, His capabilities, and the blessings He offers. Some blessings you may be familiar with, like His ability to warn, comfort, and testify. But did you know He can also improve your relationships, give you physical strength, and help you discover and fulfill your life mission?

When you recognize the immeasurable ways the Spirit can help you, you will be able to invite Him closer and use that guidance to make real and lasting changes to improve your life.

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